digestive system incursion


On monday we went to a incursion for because we are learning about the digestive system we got there we sat down and introduce sally and she said ‘that I am from monash university’


Then she said ‘ we are going to play a game’ then she got some ripped leggings and a table tennis ball and we had to had to say paris uses and push it down the stocking till it is out and then we caught it and passed it on  to the next person and then we came 2nd


Then we went to our table and put bread and water in a ziplock bag and mixed it then it was disgusting then we added cocoa to make it brown like poop then we mixed it again then we put it in a cup and  then squeezed all of the water out and opened it, it looked like pooooooooooooop


Then we went and lined up and we’re going to touch a ox’s tongue pig intestines and pig stomach then it was over we washed our hand then lined up to go


We had the best time there


The end  
By Jimmy Boys